A Weekend with Orbit

A Weekend with Orbit

By Crystal Cara:

As a mom of 3, you'll usually see me on the go, always running around, checking things off my extensive "to do" list.  But on the weekends, I especially make sure to squeeze in some things that I enjoy. Come along with me, and I’ll show you what this last weekend looked like for me and my littles.  

Thalia and I went to the nursery on Saturday morning to pick up a few more plants and veggies for our garden.  But first things first....COFFEE!!! It's not a weekend unless you treat yourself to a grande extra hot mocha.

Orbit Baby G5 Folded

I love that my stroller is easy to put in and take out of the car, as it makes running a million errands SO much easier. Taking it out from the trunk is so easy with the bar, and it also has a quick collapse capability for when you're putting it away.  

Orbit Baby G5 Stroller

Even though I have my list, I love strolling through every aisle in the nursery.  It’s fun finding new plants and then googling them to see how they look in full bloom. I'm pretty sure that's how so many have come home with me.  

Orbit Baby Snack Tray

If you have more than one kid, then you know that going out with only one at a time is a piece of cake, right? Hahaha… or so one would think. Well, Thalia is actually pretty easy as long as I keep her entertained with snacks, which isn’t hard thanks to the removable, lidded snack tray on our stroller.

When we got home with our nursery finds, it was time for planting.  Since Thalia was happy in her stroller, I used it to keep her from crawling everywhere and getting into everything.

Orbit Baby G5

On Sunday after church, we picked up some yummy sandwiches to go have a picnic.  My boys love their baby sister, and are always wanting to see who gets to push her around in the stroller. So if you see us out and about, this is what we look like- one of the boys riding along on the Orbit Sidekick skateboard, the other one pushing the stroller, and Thalia happily enjoying the ride.  

Orbit Baby Stroller Skateboard