And More Introductions

And More Introductions

We’ve told you a little about who and why we are, now here’s a bit about what we do. In a short phrase, we make family travel systems- strollers, car seats and accessories.  But that’s selling ourselves way too short. There are a lot of companies that do that. So why Orbit Baby? How do we make travel better for babies and their families? Easy answer, really: it’s our technology, attention to detail, and intuition to meet the needs of today’s parents and little ones.

Our modular, modern travel systems are built around our patented SmartHub™ ring, an innovative base built to fit baby’s stroller seat, car seat, or bassinet interchangeably. Parents and caregivers can easily transfer the bassinet from the nursery to the stroller, or the car seat from the car to the stroller, and then back again. Naps remain uninterrupted, and busy parents can keep moving about their day.

The SmartHub™ also enables safe rotation, so the bassinet, stroller seat, or car seat can swivel around allowing baby to see more of their world as they travel through it. Facing outward or inward, parents can engage their little ones in their environment, stimulating both observation and conversation. We want mothers, fathers, grandparents, and caregivers to be inspired to share their world, and we’re providing patented technology that helps babies explore, while in a secure space.

Here’s where you can find our SmartHub™ in action:

Orbit Baby G5 Stroller

The Orbit Baby G5 Stroller

Built to go the distance, the high-performance Orbit Baby G5 Stroller features the SmartHub™ ring, enabling parents to use modular seating options, including the Bassinet, Infant Car Seat, and Stroller Seat, to transport baby seamlessly and stylishly throughout the day, and the years.

In addition to the seating arrangements, the G5 Stroller is customizable to a parent’s style and lifestyle, offering different color frames and stroller canopies, as well as coordinating accessories that keep adventures fun, and baby safe, in any environment.

Orbit Baby G5 Car Seat

The Orbit Baby G5 Infant Car Seat

With a deep-cradle design, premium materials, and passing safety tests, the Orbit Baby G5 Infant Car Seat is built to protect baby. But did you know we designed it to protect parents too? Our SmartHub™ base enables parents and caregivers to dock the seat in their car at any angle, and then rotate it into proper position. No more awkward twists and turns of parents’ backs as they struggle to put the seat in the car correctly. And the SmartHub™ Car Seat Base installs securely in less than 60 seconds by turning our patented StrongArm™ knob. It’s such a simple design for parents to use- just click the G5 Infant Car Seat into the SmartHub™ car seat base, rotate into position, and go.

Bonus: if baby happens to fall asleep in the car (yay!), you won’t have to wake them for transfer into their stroller once you arrive at your destination. Just rotate the Infant Car Seat to remove from the SmartHub™ base and dock it into the SmartHub™ ring on the G5 Stroller. From one set of wheels to another, it’s seamless travel for everyone.

Orbit Baby G5 Bassinet

Orbit Baby G5 Bassinet

And speaking of sleeping babies, for newborns, that snoozing is especially essential to their development. But today’s busy parents are seemingly always on-the-go, which can be hard to coordinate with baby’s nap schedule. So, we made sure that our Orbit Baby G5 Bassinet is compatible with the SmartHub™ ring so parents can move their little ones from the Bassinet’s rocker base in the nursery to the stroller and back again. Naps are uninterrupted, and life is uninterrupted as well.

Our patented SmartHub™ ring is the center of our travel systems, and the core of what sets Orbit Baby apart from the rest. We build our products to keep Orbit Baby parents moving along effortlessly as their family expands and little ones grow. We hope that we’ve inspired you to explore a little more, and encourage you to reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions about Orbit Baby products.