Be a Hometown Tourist

Be a Hometown Tourist

Hopping on a flight might still feel out of reach, whether it’s the pandemic or just the thought of flying with a new baby or young kids, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck at home with nowhere to explore. Why not try to be a tourist in your own city? 

Forget the frustration of airport delays and the not-quite-relaxing noises of hotel rooms and treat yourselves to a day or two (or more!) of vacation right in your own backyard. You can plan day trips or leisurely dinners out without having to try and cram that second (okay, third) pair of shoes into a carryon. 

Regardless of where you are in the world, there’s so much to explore—and with the Orbit Baby SmartHub® base, you can make sure baby feels included in all of the adventure with a 360 degree view of it all.

Set Yourself up for Success 

When you’re jet setting across the globe, there’s so much pressure to cram it all in before you have to take that return flight. But if you’re adventuring from home base, you can shake that pressure off (along with the cost of tickets!). You know you’ll be back—because you never have to leave in the first place. Adventuring from home is as easy as putting baby in the car and hitting the road. The G5 Car Seat works in the car and on the stroller which makes exploration a breeze.

Plan outings that fit your family’s style. Whether your crew is old enough or flexible enough to be gone from sunup to sundown, or you think it’s best that you plan half-day adventures around nap time, you can pick and choose what you think will be best for this season without the feeling that you have to do it all at once. 

You can tailor your day to the weather, your energy levels, or to what’s in season. And if baby’s not feeling it, you can call it early and not feel like you’re missing a thing: no need to wait for vacation to roll back around to try again! 

All the extra hands you’ll need. It can be daunting to pack everything you need for a whole day—the diapers, wipes, and snacks can get overwhelming quickly. But with ample storage space, the G5 Stroller can handle it, letting you handle the adventure instead of the stuff. If baby has an older sibling, the G5 Stroller Sidekick can help them keep up with all the adventures, too!

Take Your Pick 

Once you’ve settled on what your crew can handle, the fun part starts! Here’s some ideas for a memorable day not-quite-away: 

Brunch, anyone? Your favorite patio awaits! There’s no need to ask the waiter for a highchair, or figure out where to park the stroller so it’s both out of the way and so you can reach all the essentials you’ve stored inside. With the SmartHub® base on the G5 Stroller, you can roll it right up to the table swivel baby around in whatever direction you need so they can face the table to eat with you—or watch the people walk by when they are finished. The toughest decision you’ll have to make: pancakes or waffles?

Nap (well) away from home. When you’ve eaten your fill and naptime approaches, recline that Stroller Seat or swap it out for the Bassinet in your trunk (remember, no airplane--no packing restrictions!) and hit a local boardwalk or nature preserve. You can stroll and connect with your partner while baby gets the laid-back rest they need in the fresh air. 

Run some errands (but only the fun ones!). There’s always a few stores or hotspots in your own city that you never make it to because they’re not on the way or they’re not open at the right times. But when you’re playing tourist, you’ve got nothing but time and a desire to detour from the routine! These panniers make it easy to stash new treasurers, and with the SmartHub® base, baby can stroll through the market or a bookstore turned sideways, able to take in all the flowers or book titles without ever having to turn their head. Letting them be part of the action as you do your shopping keeps everyone happy—and who doesn’t want that? 

See it all from the best seat out of the house. Pushing a stroller through a public space can get tricky: how do you maneuver around the other people (and the other strollers!) at the zoo while still letting your kid see—and without appearing rude? There can be some parallel parking-level skill involved, and it’s been a hot minute since driver’s ed. Plus, once you unbuckle your little one to get them a better view, it can be all hands on deck to convince them to buckle back in. The G5 Stroller with SmartHub® base and 360 degree rotation lets baby see from any angle, anywhere—whether it's at the zoo or the aquarium or outdoor story time—and eliminates the frantic stroller-wiggling to try to get out of the way of walkers and in-sight of the tiger before he disappears!

Do something you’ve never done before. Is there a tourist attraction in your town that you’ve never been to? You know, the thing that tops every “what to see when you’re in _____” list, but that you’ve never made a priority? Try it out! It’ll be fun to experience it for the first time alongside your family—or could be a cheesy story to share next time you’ve got visitors and they’re asking for travel tips. 

Fall Back in Love with Home

After months of being at home and immersed in regular life that’s anything but regular, spending a vacation day in your own city can help everyone in the family fall back in love with the place you live. Being a hometown tourist can help you see your city in a whole new way, as well as give you a chance to introduce baby to all of your favorite places. 

Best of all, you don’t even need to break out the luggage to experience the world and make memories with your little one (although, we’ve got you covered if you ever do!).