Best Stroller Accessories to Keep Your Babies Safe, Looking Cool & Having Fun!

Best Stroller Accessories to Keep Your Babies Safe, Looking Cool & Having Fun!

A bracelet here, a sunhat there, or a quick switch of some shoes, and you can quickly take an outfit from the office to a baseball game in the drop of a hat- quite literally. Aside from the all-important styling aspects, accessories can make or break an ensemble.

They bring energy and versatility to tried-and-true basics, and can be counted on as quick updates for destination-appropriate necessity. (Have you ever worn spike heels to the ballpark? Not a great idea.) The same ideas apply to Orbit Baby Stroller Systems.

While Orbit Baby Stroller Systems are perfect at their core (yes, we’re biased), sometimes adventures don’t go quite as planned, so we’ve developed a collection of accessories to coordinate with the needs of modern parents and babies, and the places they go.

Stroller Rain Cover

The Rain Cover

For anyone who has ever been caught out in a sudden rain shower, which is probably everyone reading this, we all know that it is pretty miserable to get really wet. And while it is difficult to manage our own discomfort, imagine trying to reason with a baby.

Soon they will be dry and feel better, but in the meantime, they’re not happy, and they’ll let you and everyone in a 5-mile radius know about it. So, we created a Rain Cover for our Infant Car Seat, as well as our Stroller Seat rain cover.

Easy to use and convenient to stow, the Rain Cover offers solid protection along with ventilation windows, while continuing to give baby a solid view of the world around them. And the best parts? It’s 100% PVC-free AND is designed to securely fasten while leaving seat and carrier handles accessible while the cover is in use. As a bonus, it also helps protect against any insects brave enough to be out in the rain as well.

Stroller Mosquito Net

And speaking of Insects: The Mosquito Net

Especially prolific in the Summertime, but certainly never actually absent, irritating insects tend to fill the airspace, causing havoc on those otherwise enjoying the outdoors. While there are tricks and repellents adults can use, they can be harmful to a baby’s delicate skin. So a Mosquito Net offers perfect protection, while still allowing for outdoor fun. We designed an Orbit Baby Mosquito Net for our Infant Car Seat to help keep harmful bugs away from little ones riding in. We also created a Mosquito Net for our Stroller Seat. Our Mosquito Nets are well-ventilated, easy to use and stow, and they still offer excellent visibility for small explorers riding under its protection

Stroller Skateboard

Did Someone Mention Riding?

For siblings too big to ride IN the Orbit Baby Stroller, or those beginning to flex their desire for more freedom, we’ve created the Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board. It’s a skateboard-like ride that’s easy to attach, remove, or flip up when not in use. The intuitive design stays out of the way of parental feet, offering a clear view for easy navigation and a fun way to travel that even a toddler would not turn down. 

Canopies Stroller

We’ve Got You Covered

Yes, quite literally. Our stroller seat and infant car seat each come with a canopy, but as with any outfit, adding a colorful accessory can change the whole look. So, with that in mind, we created an easy way to customize your stroller system simply by switching out the canopy! Offered in an array of colors, like Sunset Orange, Niagara Blue, and Baby Pink, the Orbit Baby Canopy is designed to fit the Orbit Baby Stroller Seat, and offers sun protection with a UPF 50+ rating, along with extra generous coverage and eye-catching style.

Extra Base

An Extra Base Is Extra Smart

When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. To stay ahead of go-time, we recommend keeping a car seat base installed in your car, so it’s always ready when you are. The Orbit Baby Car Seat comes with one base, but getting an extra Infant Car Seat Base is a brilliant move because it offers the opportunity for quick escapes, like fleeing a scene with a crying baby as well as the flexible option for nights out or weekends away if the extra seat is conveniently installed in the car of a grandparent or caregiver. And, as a bonus of all bonuses, with our patented SmartHub® ring docking system featured in the base, you’ll be able to easily transfer a sleeping baby from the Orbit Baby stroller to the car to the house while they peacefully snooze in the Infant Car Seat. It’s genius.

With the ability to customize for your environment, aesthetic, or actual need, Orbit Baby Accessories are truly designed to make a great ride even better. You can explore more details here or contact our customer service team.