Best Stroller With Skateboard Attachment: A Sibling’s Best Friend

Best Stroller With Skateboard Attachment: A Sibling’s Best Friend

Adding a new baby to the family is often a sibling’s first experience with significant change. Their world was small and finite and predictable … until this new (and noisy!) little person joined the household. If you have two (or more) kids, but don’t want to purchase a double stroller to accommodate them both, it’s time to consider Orbit Baby and the Sidekick Stroller Skateboard Attachment.


Anything that can ease this time of transition is a welcome addition to the parental arsenal, and that goes double for something that makes the big brother or sister feel special in their new role. OrbitBaby has the perfect stroller accessory to fit the bill on both counts: The Sidekick Stroller Skateboard.  

Our one-of-a-kind Sidekick Stroller Skateboard offers perks that kids and parents alike will be a fan of: 

  • Sleek styling and a “for big kids only” vibe that any newly-minted older sibling will love 
  • A grab handle and side placement to maximize both safety and efficiency 
  • Attaches in seconds and flips up out of the way when it isn’t needed 
  • Can accommodate up to 50 lbs and installs on either (or both!) sides to meet the needs of your growing family for longer 
  • The same commitment to quality craftsmanship and safety you’re used to in every Orbit Baby product 
Stroller Skateboard


Something New For Them, Too 

Oftentimes the sibling jealousy starts because the new baby is the recipient of so many gifts and so much preparation. Complicating this can be that things that were once theirs (a swing, a carseat, toys) are now being repurposed for their baby brother or sister. All of this is normal, but that doesn’t mean that an exciting exception wouldn’t be welcomed.

The Sidekick Skateboard Stroller Attachment has “just for me and not the baby” written all over it with its sleek styling—while still keeping them safe with a special grab handle that attaches to the stroller quickly and easily. 

The Big Kid Cool Factor 

New babies require plenty of attention, and often that leaves a big sib feeling like they need to act like a baby, too, in order to pull your focus. Reassuring them that being a big kid comes with its own perks can help, and nothing carries “big kid cool factor” quite like a skateboard. Being attached to their baby sibling’s stroller also means they feel included in the action. Orbit Baby’s Stroller Sidekick Skateboard is the only single-wheel mount, side-ride board on the market, which means their cool ride is sure to draw attention and compliments as they roll around town with you. Plus, you’re almost guaranteed significantly fewer “but my feet are soooooooooo tired!” complaints.  

Parental Peace of Mind 

Any parent who’s had a kid take off through a busy parking lot knows how hard it can be to keep your hands and eyes on them at all times. That challenge only ramps up when you have more than one child to shepherd along. And, if you’ve been touting the “big kid” label to ease feelings of jealousy, it can be especially hard to convince said big kid to hop in the double stroller or hold your hand.  

Orbit Baby’s sidekick skateboard keeps them where you want them (within arms’ length) making navigating everything from the grocery store parking lot to a theme park a little more effortless. 

Stroller Skateboard Attachment

Simple Stroller & Skateboard Setup 

Sometimes simply getting everyone unloaded from the car and ready to roll can feel like a feat in itself. The Sidekick Stroller Skateboard is simple to attach/detach and can be flipped up when it’s not in use, allowing you to get moving more quickly. Its side position also means it’s out of the way of the handlebars, keeping your view unobstructed and your stride uninterrupted.  


Grows With Your Family 

Needs can change rapidly as your family grows. The Sidekick Stroller Skateboard can hold up to 50 lbs and you can even add a second skateboard on the other side for an additional sibling, if needed. This versatility and adaptability makes for a stroller travel system that can see you through a longer season of life.