Clean Living with @bumpbestie

Clean Living with @bumpbestie

Putting together a baby registry is an exciting milestone of pregnancy. And an often very, very overwhelming one. There are so many things you need for a baby. And so many different options, too. Do you go for function? Aesthetic? Ease of use? Longevity? And what one person thinks is a must-have, may not be yours. It’s hard to know where to begin, and what will ultimately be the right gear for you. Enter Molly, the best friend everyone wants to have when expecting a child. As the founder of Bump Bestie, she is well-versed in all things baby, and she is ready with recommendations, advice, and support for parents-to-be. We recently had a chat with her to get a few tips on getting ready for life with baby… and beyond.

Bump Bestie

Tell us about Bump Bestie, how you started it and how you’re helping parents-to-be. 

Bump Bestie gives expecting families trusted advice and resources to help navigate the transition to parenthood. I launched in late 2017 after my own frustrating experience in preparing for my son who was born earlier that year. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information out there, and the one-size-fits-all approach to pregnancy and postpartum needs and found that many other parents felt the same way. I set out to address this problem and to educate and empower families with tools and information during one of the most important transitions of their lives – the journey to parenthood!

I primarily work with families to curate highly personalized baby registries and shopping lists, while anticipating postpartum needs and building out plans that support parents from birth through their return-to-work. Because I have a 4 year-old, I’ve seen my business evolve as the challenges we face as parents grow, and new needs arise. It’s both eye-opening and rewarding to be part of such an important time in a family’s life.

I’m also passionate about creating a healthy home and work to educate families with practical alternatives to optimize their health and home environment.

What’s your best piece of advice for parents who are searching for a way to shop for products that are free of most chemicals. 

I think the first step is to start small and to begin by replacing products in one category at a time, like household cleaning products or beauty. It can be extremely time-consuming to go down the rabbit hole of learning all ingredients or materials that are considered safe versus unsafe. Thankfully, there are so many more brands and products on the market who are offering cleaner living options, which makes it much easier to make the switch.

Clean Living for Babies

With so much information readily available on the internet about clean living, where should one start if they’re looking to learn more on this subject?

Two resources I like to consult are the Skin Deep or Healthy Living apps developed by EWG (Environmental Working Group). These provide ingredient lists that are ranked and offer a great way to see how products measure up, while you learn more about what’s in your products and what to avoid.

Merino Car Seat Liner

You’ve mentioned to us that you are a huge fan of Merino Wool. Can you tell us why you recommend this material to families?

Merino wool is like this magic material that not only is 100% natural and eco-friendly, but it’s temperature-regulating and breathable - so it can keep babies cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool, protecting them from discomfort of the extremes. Best of all, it is naturally flame resistant, so we’re starting to see Merino Wool show up in car seats, which is a great option for parents looking for a flame-retardant-free option. I’m also seeing more baby clothing and swaddle brands use Merino Wool because it’s also naturally stain- and odor-resistant. I told you it was magic!

Baby Planner

Aside from just product recommendations, you also offer advice and resources to your clients, correct? What types of resources and advice does this include?

I’m working with a growing number of families to provide clean living solutions, which I’m super excited about. And in addition to supporting parents-to-be, I am also working more and more with families and their needs in the post-partum, early childhood phase. With the pandemic, many households have been put into difficult positions, especially with toddlers and preschoolers. So, I am trying to figure out ways to support them with childcare and pod resources to name a couple. Because I know that versatility is key, outside of my bundled packages, I can customize plans to suit any family and all of my services can be done virtually, worldwide!  I just had my first expat client in Bangkok, and I helped them navigate product recommendations available there, which were very different than what’s available in here in the U.S.

Someone once called me Google and their best friend in one, which has kind of stuck! I’m so fulfilled and honored to work with families during this incredible stage in their lives in any way possible - big and small!