Do I Need a Double Stroller? Going from 1 to 2…

Do I Need a Double Stroller? Going from 1 to 2…

As most parents will tell you, it is a hard transition to go from having one kid to two. In fact, the difference can seem exponentially difficult, as often the second child comes along just when life is beginning to feel a little easier. With your older child now more dependable for successful mealtimes, public outings, and nap schedules, you are reclaiming your life, getting out, seeing friends, and maybe you’re even done or almost done with diapers. And then… a new baby arrives, and the world turns upside down again.

Of course, you ARE truly overjoyed to expand your family, but now you have two little ones to keep happy, healthy, and engaged. And that can be overwhelming. While we cannot take all of the new challenges off your plate, we are doing what we can to make your life easier: we created the Helix+ attachment to take your favorite Orbit Baby G5 Stroller from a single stroller to a double in a snap. Well, a few snaps. But it is really simple, and a game-changer to you, as a new parent of two!

First… Start with an Orbit Baby G5 Stroller.

If you do not already own an Orbit Baby G5 Stroller, you need to get one. Beside it being a high-performance stroller centered around our patented, rotating SmartHub® that gives little ones a 360 view of their world, the G5 Stroller is pretty much the only way to utilize the Helix+. So, it is important.

G5 Orbit Baby Stroller

  • 3DRotation™ offers 360-degree rotation and reclining in one fluid motion
  • Quadshock™ front wheel premium suspension system
  • Custom aerospace-grade, anodized aluminum frame
  • Modular design offers customized seating and color options

Second… Choose Your Helix+ Configuration

With a second baby on the way (or already here?!), you are probably making at least twice the amount of decisions, so we made this part easy for you:

  • If you already have a G5 Stroller (which comes with a stroller seat) and a G5 Infant Car Seat you need the Helix+ Attachment
  • If you already have a G5 Stroller (which comes with a stroller seat) but you need a car seat, you need the Helix+ with G5 Infant Car Seat. (Bonus- this enables uninterrupted naps as you can easily transfer a sleeping baby from car to stroller by docking the Infant Car Seat into the Stroller!)
  • If you already have a G5 Stroller (which comes with a stroller seat), and you do not need a car seat, but you do want a place for baby to sit with the Helix+, you need the Helix+ with Stroller Seat.

Orbit Baby Helix

Third… Go Forth and Explore

With two rotating SmartHubs, the Helix+ was designed to help little ones engage in the world around them. The seats swivel to be forward-facing, parent-facing, or even sibling-facing, so your children can connect and start building their relationship (or plotting against you for extra dessert) from day 1. 

The Helix+ is a slim in stature, with a narrow frame able to fit in narrow doorways and paths where many bulky side-by-side double strollers cannot fit. It is an ideal way for two to travel in crowded spaces, and the G5 Stroller with the Helix+ Attachment still folds down compactly to fit in most car trunks. A total win for parents on-the-go!

And Lastly… From 2 Back to 1

While the Helix+ was designed to make outings with two children easy, we also recognize the true simplicity in getting out with just one kiddo at a time. So just as the Helix+ attachment turns your single stroller into a double with just a few snaps, it is equally easy to detach the Helix+ and go back to pushing a single stroller with just one of your darlings.

Expanding your family is an exciting time, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Take a peek at our site for more information about the Helix+, and feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team if you have any questions about the configuration that’s best for you.