Holiday Road Trip Planning

Holiday Road Trip Planning

We’re all trying our best to stay connected with family and friends this holiday season and sometimes that means traveling. Getting to your destination with kids in tow, AND during a pandemic, can feel overwhelming, but never fear- we are here to help!  Whether you’re going by plane, train, or car, here are some tried and true tips we’ve gathered from our Instagram followers and Orbit team members, , friends and family. Have some tips of your own? Drop them in the comments!

“I bring the game of Memory whenever I travel with my littlest. It’s great for playing matching games, identifying objects and colors, and it’s tiny and flat enough to fit into my purse or bag and whip out like magic when sitting on a plane or waiting in line or at a restaurant.”

Rachel M., Orbit Baby Marketing Manager


“If you have Amazon Prime you can download shows, etc. to your kids tablets for when you’re not on Wifi!”



“When traveling long distances in the car, I always pack a special box for each of my girls. Inside are various surprises and treats. Each hour they get to pick something out of the box … It helps the time pass and keeps them entertained along the way.”

Leslie T., Orbit Baby Social Media Manager


“My husband and I love to visit my parents once a month so that they can spend time with our little one. We do a lot of walking along the boardwalk and luckily the infant car seat snaps right into the stroller, so it’s one less thing for us to pack. The stroller folds up easily and doesn’t take up too much space, which is great for our compact car. We love the Orbit system and it’s ease and multi-function use.”



“My family loves to travel, but we've found to keep the good times rolling, we stick to our at-home bedtime. A good night's sleep makes the next day so much better. It seems slightly odd to our family when who lives two time zones away, but I'd rather deal with that than have them see what happens when my little one is overtired.”

Niki H., Orbit Baby Customer Service


“For airplane travel with breastfed babies, I always recommend breast-feeding on takeoff and landing to help with any ear discomfort from pressure changes!”

Megan G. @meg_gz