Meet Orbit Baby Ambassador, Genean

Meet Orbit Baby Ambassador, Genean

You've been an ambassador since June of 2022, but recently joined our Facebook Group! We love it when you share all of your Orbit Baby traveling hacks. Tell us about your travels and how have you made travel so easy for you and your baby girl?

I became a Orbit Baby Ambassador because I love this stroller system so much and I love to tell people all about my stroller and how convenient it makes things while traveling or just doing errands with your little one.

I love sharing the traveling hacks because I see parents struggling with their little ones all the time so why not share it with my Orbit Baby Family. If I can help make someone else traveling experience less stressful, nerve racking and more enjoyable then I did my job and that makes me happy that I was able to help.

I have been traveling with my daughter since she was 1 month old. Her 1st road trip was at 1 month old and her 1st airplane ride at 4 months old. I was just like any other parent nervous to travel with my daughter alone. I called all my friends & family that has children and I asked them a bunch of questions. I also went online to see how to travel with a baby and looked for a checklist of what I should bring with me. I used a checklist from online and the advice from friends and family and I planned ahead and boom just like that I realized I can do this. This has made travel so easy for me and my daughter. The more trips we took I learned more ways to make it easier for myself to travel alone. Now I am a pro traveler with my daughter.

What’s your favorite trip you’ve taken with your daughter?

My favorite trip I took with my daughter was Mexico. It was her 1st international trip.

What’s your favorite part about traveling with her?

My favorite part about traveling with her is she’s very happy and relaxed when we travel which makes it less stressful for mommy lol.

Tell us about a bucket-list vacation you want to take with your family? Where do you go and what do you do on the first day you get there?

My bucket list vacation I want to take with my daughter to Tokyo and Paris. The 1st Day we get to Paris I want to take her to see the Eiffel Tower. The 1st Day we get to Tokyo I want to take her to Tokyo Disneyland. (It would be more like the next day because we will be exhausted just from the flight alone lol)

With kids, do you find it’s better to plan everything out in advance, or go-with-the-flow?

I find it easier to plan everything out in advance.

Any other travel-related parenting hacks you want to share with us from your experience?

  • I have a 1 year old now (Dec 10) so I’m currently working on finding things to make travel easier. I purchased a busy board Montessori Toy which say its great for travel. She loves to play with at home but have not tested it out with traveling. I will update you with that information on our next trip.
  • Here are some travel hacks that I have been using for a while: The SkyClip+ Phone & Tablet Holder for Air Travel (I recommend purchasing 2 if your using a iPad its more secure in my opinion) I use the Orbit Baby Bug Net Mesh to prevent my daughter from throwing toys and bottles out her stroller.
  • Stroller Hooks for Hanging Bags and Shopping – Universal Stroller Clips (I use these clips to hook the stroller bag to the handle of the stroller. Note: Remove bag before taking baby out.)
  • Tablet Holder for Rear and Forward Facing Children (I use this and strap it to the handlebar of the stroller so my daughter can watch her shows on the go when traveling or running errands).
You can purchase these items off of Amazon. If I come up with more hacks to make it easier to traveling with your little ones I will post it in the Orbit Baby Facebook Group.

What do you never leave home without when getting on an airplane?

I never leave home without my daughters tablet and baby carrier.

Is there a parenting motto you live by? If so, how do you apply it in your life?

Commitment To Excellence.

I commit to everything I do, I try and go the extra mile, be precise and having a can do attitude because that’s how you will achieve excellence. Being a single mom I have to keep this motto because it reminds me that I have to stick to my goals during good times or bad times and as long as I following through there’s no way I won’t be able to achieve excellence..

What has been your favorite thing about being a part of the Orbit family? And what is your favorite thing about your Orbit Baby system?

My favorite thing about being part of the Orbit Baby family is the customer service. I am very big on customer service and Orbit Baby has surpassed excellent customer service. No matter the situation they are punctual on finding a solution for your problem or even a question. Thank you for taking care of your customers.

My favorite thing about my Orbit Baby system is the 360 feature. It has made my life very easy especially when driving.