Meet Stevie Hender

Meet Stevie Hender
This Utah based entrepreneur is #momgoals. Not only is she super fashionable, she also owns her business. @ShopStevieHender is Stevie’s first baby. It’s a clothing store that sells clothes both online and in-store. It seems like everything she touches is a success. Even her Orbit Baby Reels are successful (this one has 17 million views!). Now that Stevie has kids, she’s shifted her time away from the business and towards her family. We wanted to get her take on parenthood and running a business (something that many parents are striving to find balance in) so read on to see what she had to say.

How has motherhood impacted your outlook on the world?

It has blessed me so much! I love being a mom and I think it’s helped me simplify and enjoy being simple like a child. Our days are spent cleaning the house, going to the park, finding bugs.. It’s very refreshing when you think about how calm and simple it is! The world can be so much and so loud sometimes and make us feel like we need to be super busy! I’ve had to really slow down as a mom and it’s been amazing!

Balancing parenthood and a career is always a dance between providing for you family in two very different ways. Which side of the scale do you lean harder on and how do you find balance when needed?

I could write 3 pages about this one ☺️ And I get asked this question all the time!! I’ll try to keep it short.

My husband and I started a business together after we were married before kids. I loved what I did and working with him. My dream was to always be a mom! When we had our first baby it was difficult trying to do both and finding balance. My husband told me as I was nursing our baby and crying because I was struggling getting everything done that I needed to or once could, “do what’s most important and feel good about getting that done. If you didn’t get everything done that’s okay, you got the most important thing done!” The most important thing for me was feeding our baby and taking care of her. I like to do whatever I’m doing really well and I don’t like to have stress in my life. Over the years and having 3 kids now I have found a great balance. Honestly I couldn’t manage being a fulltime mom and also running a business. Being a fulltime mom is really important to me and a lot of work! So for now I’ve taken a step back with our business. If I feel stress it’s because I’m doing too much and I just cut things out. I try to have easy going days with my girls! I work once a week at night after putting them to bed and that’s what works for me! It's all about finding what you can manage and still enjoy your quality of life!

What do you believe is a success in parenthood?

I think raising kids to be kind to others and happy is a success. I also think being easy on ourselves is a success! Parenthood is hard but knowing that our kids are their own people and will make their own choices, we just need to love them and love ourselves and teach them as much as we can in our homes and relax and enjoy these times!

If you could change one thing about your experience as a mother so far, what would it be and why?

I think at the beginning I expected a lot from me and from my oldest. I wish I was a bit more relaxed about things!

What’s your go-to outfit or accessory for summer right now?

SETS!! I love a long pant set. It's so easy to throw on and look presentable! I always get people stopping me and asking me where I got my sets from when I'm wearing one! It's a hot trend right now and I just love how easy and comfortable it is!

I also love a chunky anklet! It just adds so much to an outfit! I'll just layer up 4 at a time and my fav is if it has diamonds. Extra glitter!! :)

We recently saw in a reel you tagged us in that you and your family were golfing. Are there any other summer activities you and your kids are loving this year?

Yes my husband and one of my daughters are big golfers and if someone has an interest we try to do it all together! I love rock climbing so if it's a really hot day we'll hit the rock climbing gym! The kids LOVE it and it's another easy activity to all do together. We also enjoy hiking and being outside!


Your Orbit Baby Reel went viral! Can you tell us what you think made it so popular?!

I wish I knew so I could do it again! I had a set on that people were loving and also the sidekicks attached to the stroller are just a game changer!! And I think people saw that and loved it and maybe wanted to share it with people they knew with kids! When I made that reel it was quick and not even really planned, I think our best work can come from just being genuine and showing our real day to day. We were on our way to check in on my warehouse!

What’s your favorite thing about Orbit Baby?

THE WAY IT ORBITS!!! My baby never cries when I put her in her car seat in the car! She's so much happier and I think it's because it's so easy for me to put her in and buckle her! I also LOVE the sidekicks!! They are just so nice to have for my older kids! If I know we're doing a lot of playing and walking around that day, it's nice to be able to have them jump on and take a break! If ever we're going up a big hill I always make them ride it like a scooter and they push it up the hill for me!!

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