Orbit Baby Ambassador Success

Orbit Baby Ambassador Success

You’ve had great success with our Ambassador program—do you have any tips for the rest of our Ambassadors on the best way to spread the word and get family/friends/followers to use your discount code?

Thank you so much! To be honest I didn’t expect to be this successful but am thrilled that so many people have been able to save money and get an amazing stroller and carseat using my referral code. A lot of it comes down to just being out and about and being open to conversations with people who are curious about the stroller, having the affiliate cards on me in case someone is interested, and being open to talking about it on social media.

What social platforms do you see the most success when sharing about Orbit Baby? 

Personally, I’ve had the most success sharing about Orbit Baby on YouTube because I feel that that’s where most people go to research brands and see what is worth their money. Instagram is also good, although I don’t feel people go into as much depth about the products they recommend as in a YouTube video. 

Your YouTube Video Review of the G5 Stroller is fantastic!  What is your advice for someone making their first review video?

Thank you! The video took a lot of work and commitment, filming one day and editing for many days after that during my baby’s nap times. It was also a lot of fun to create and I truly enjoyed the process. My biggest advice would probably be to set a goal for what you want to accomplish and what it would take to get their based on your lifestyle and schedule; then follow through and you will reap the rewards. Also pay attention to detail and stay true to what matters to you in the product you are reviewing! 
If you have an Orbit Baby and love to show it off when out and about, join our Orbit Baby Ambassador Program! Orbit Baby Ambassadors get a unique coupon code to share with their followers and earn cash commissions on every referral purchase. Click here to apply for the program!