Q&A with Brand Ambassador Amanda Dews

Q&A with Brand Ambassador Amanda Dews


You’re out and about with your Orbit Baby travel system, sharing the world with your little one. What if you could earn a little extra cash while you’re strolling through the park, the farmers market, or the other places you’re already going? Well, as an Orbit Baby Brand Ambassador, you can be eligible for a commission on referrals! We’ve heard from many Orbit Baby parents, who say they are often stopped and complimented on the sleek look and 360-degree functionality of their stroller or car seat and decided that we’d like to reward parents for sharing their love of Orbit Baby with others. Enter the Orbit Baby Brand Ambassador program!

The Perks

Whether you’re looking for guilt-free trips to Target or fancy coffee whenever you feel like it, a little extra spending money can go a long way. So, we are pleased to give our Brand Ambassadors a 3% cash commission on referred purchases over $300. And you’ll also get access to our VIP community, whose members receives insider info, interesting content to use, and social media exposure.

How it Works

If you’re over 18 years of age and a US resident, and are active on social media and/or in your community, we invite you to apply. Once accepted as a Brand Ambassador, you’ll receive an exclusive code to share with your friends, family, followers, acquaintances, and people on the street who stop you for your stroller. With your code, they’ll get $50 off their purchase of $300 or more, and you’ll get the 3% commission on their sale. It’s win, win for everyone!

Want a Second Opinion?

Hear it from a real Orbit Baby Brand Ambassador, Amanda Dews…


What do you love most about Orbit Baby?

I love the stylish, sleek look! Everywhere I go, someone stares in awe and confusion because they just haven’t seen a stroller system look so futuristic like this one!

How do you like the Orbit Baby Ambassador Program?

It’s great ! I’ve already made some extra cash from just sharing the system on YouTube. Since the relaunch of the system there weren’t many videos out, and since doing mine people have thanked me for it because now they know more about the best of the best system on the market.

What’s your best advice for an Orbit Baby parent who is interested in joining our ambassador program?

If you love your system why not make money telling others about it! Use your family friends and social media to just share what you love!                                     

What advice do you give to an ambassador who wants to make their your first sale?

It’s not hard to talk about something you love! Make an Instagram story highlighting your orbit system and share your code!

Ready to find out more and apply? Click here and join our Brand Ambassador family.