Q&A with Brand Ambassador Olga Khylchuk

Q&A with Brand Ambassador Olga Khylchuk

What’s been the most surprising thing about becoming a mother?

How much your heart feels like it might just burst from the amount of love you feel for your baby as well as how much work goes into caring for them. Before having a baby I thought “how hard could it be?” But now that I’m a mom I realize that there’s no more just running out of the house, I always have to be prepared with my baby’s things and extra of everything. But it’s so worth it.

What do you love most about Orbit Baby?

Honestly everything about Orbit Baby! The 360 hub is definitely a game changer that no other stroller offers and I love the look of the stroller. It’s so modern yet classic all at the same time. It stands out in a crowd and turns heads everywhere we go. 

How are you liking the Orbit Baby Ambassador Program?

So far it’s been just wonderful! I’ve had people come up to me asking what kind of stroller it is and I’ve given them my card. Most of the money I’ve made have been from my review video of it on YouTube. It’s been lots of fun and I hope to get more creative with it in the future as well!

What’s your best advice for an Orbit Baby parent who is interested in joining our ambassador program?

Just take photos of it whenever you’re out and about! It’s also nice to look back on and watch your little one grow so quickly! It’s fun to post and tag @orbitbaby and see them feature your photos on their page. I get excited whenever I see my photo on their Instagram!

What advice do you give to an ambassador who wants to make their first sale?

Post a story or Instagram post with your Orbit Baby and your code to help new parents save on their Orbit Baby system as well as help you make some money. Describe your favorite feature(s) of the stroller or car seat and what made you decide to purchase them instead of another brand. Have fun with it and get creative! 

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