Running Resource Guide

Running Resource Guide

Running is the best sport. Hear us out on this.

Running can be done solo or with others or as a team (or with babies if you have a good jogging stroller). It is great for your physical health, but also your mental health. You can push yourself and focus your energy on improving on time, distance, elevation or pace, or you can even take it down to a walk when your body is asking for a break.

Running can be whatever you need it to be. The best part? Nearly anyone can do it.

And while theoretically all you need is a good pair of running shoes and you can train anywhere, sometimes you need a few extras to really get what you want out of your exercise session. Read on for our recommendations on resources and gear to support you on your next run.

The Mindset Mile Podcast: Created and hosted by Orbit Baby user, mama and athlete Aisha Zaza, The Mindset Mile is a program encouraging you to walk or run one mile a day for 30 days while listening to corresponding podcast episodes where we will discuss health, fitness, relationships, goal setting, mindset and overall well-being, each 10 minutes or less.

Spotify Playlist: Our resident DJ pulled together several playlists to inspire you to get moving. Click here to listen!

Strava Clubs: If you haven’t heard of Strava yet, allow us to introduce you! Strava is an app that allows you to connect with other runners virtually…run with them, track yourself and set goals, discover new routes…the opportunities are endless! 

New to Running Guide: If running has piqued your interest, try reading this handy guide for some tips and info.


Hydration: One of the most important elements to running is staying hydrated! Not only is it critical for your health, but also your performance. Here are three tips on how to stay hydrated. It's important to stay hydrated while out pushing a stroller. Might we suggest a Swell bottle? It fits perfectly into our cup holders.

What to wear: You can run in literally almost anything, but let’s face it, running in a silk shirt won’t feel great. Polyester is one of the best materials for running attire. It’s thermoregulating, wicks away sweat, and helps to keep you comfortable. Read more about the best options for running attire here. These Outdoor Voices leggings are all pretty great and come in a variery of sizes, colors and fabrics. If you're expecting or newly postpartum, we love Blanqi's SportSupport collection for bump friendly options.


Gear: The X5 Jogger If there’s one bit of advice we can give you about running with a stroller….it’s to invest in a GOOD stroller. Our new one will be your best friend on the trail, road, or beach.

Good Running Shoes: Picking the right running shoes is extremely important. Not every shoe is right for every person or scenario. For instance, there are sneakers for specific running surfaces, different foot shapes, different gaits and running styles. This guide can give you more info based on your own needs. These light-as-a-cloud walking/running shoes are life changing. These also get great reviews.

Stroller Fan: When warm weather strikes but you need to get some fresh air, a stroller fan is essential! Not only is it useful for baby when strolling around the neighborhood, but it’ll also come in handy when navigating a theme park.

Airpods/Wireless Bluetooth headphones: You’ll need these to listen to our Spotify playlist while out on your run!

Reflective Bands: If you’ll be running in low light, we recommend having a reflective band to make sure cars can see you. This one or this one are great choices! The X5 Jogging Stroller also has reflective elements to it!

Play a game: Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt Walking with littles is fun. This activity encourages engagement (which is easy to do with our Jogger as the stroller seat can actually face you) but if you’re trying to squeeze in a run and your child isn’t in the mood to stroll, give them a marker and the aforementioned scavenger hunt sheet while you’re getting in your exercise!