A Surrogacy Story: Sam

A Surrogacy Story: Sam

Meet Sam! Mama to two little cuties and she is also giving the ultimate gift to a Mother this year. Sam is a surrogate! Read on to learn more about their motherhood and surrogacy journey.

What led you to surrogacy?
We had such great pregnancies and labors with our kids, Canyon and Ember so we thought why not help someone else in this way. We are given one life on this earth so why not use it for good!?


Tell me about your journey to motherhood?
After 2.5 years of being married my husband and I started to try for a family. A few weeks into trying we conceived our son. He was such an easy baby so when he was 9 months we decided to try for another. Again, a few weeks into trying we conceived our daughter. We feel complete. We have our boy, our girl and we love adventuring as a family as these little ones grow. We are blessed to have conceived easily and quickly and we know that is not the case for everyone so we do not take it for granted!


How has being a mother yourself influenced your surrogacy journey?
The love as a mother is something that can't be explained. One needs to experience it for themselves in order to know. This is exactly what I wanted to become a surrogate. For that moment that baby is born and their parents see them for the first time. The love at first sight moment!


What is the most commonly asked question you get about being a surrogate? 
What are the requirements to become a surrogate. I share tips and advice on all our social media platforms but here are some of the requirements: 

  • Must be between the ages of 21-40
  • Surrogate cannot have a BMI higher than 33
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Given birth to and be raising at least one child of their own
  • Be a NON-smoker
  • NOT take any illegal substances or medications that have not been prescribed for her by a physician
  • Have a positive support system to help her throughout the surrogacy
  • Reliable transportation for appointments
  • Not have had any major complications during previous pregnancies or deliveries

What’s the most important thing you hope people take away from your motherhood journey?
I share the highs and lows of life and our surrogacy journey on our platforms. I hope everyone sees in the vulnerability that there are hard days in life, in pregnancy and in surrogacy, but by staying positive I can continue to hope for the best for us in life and this baby's future. I hope to encourage others to be vulnerable, share their lives with others, and find a way to help someone else. Whether it's surrogacy, watching a friend's kids, or taking someone out to dinner. We all can make a difference in someone else's life!


For anyone looking to learn more, do you have any resources you recommend?
Yes, my YouTube and all social platforms give advice and tips for those interested in Surrogacy or who just want to know more about it. I just launched Surrogacy Journals on Amazon for Surrogates and IP's to document their journey! And if they are looking to become a surrogate through an agency that can check out International Surrogacy Center here: https://www.internationalsurrogacycenter.com/surrogacy-application-form/?utm_source=influencer+&utm_medium=Sam&utm_campaign=Influencer+Sam