Best Strollers for City Living

Best Strollers for City Living

When it comes to choosing the best city stroller, some very specific factors can be important. While suburban parents might prioritize a car seat, urban parents will lean on their stroller to do the heavy lifting when it comes to transportation. City environments are also often more crowded and involve maneuvering through tighter spaces. You might need to consider how heavy a stroller is (no one wants to lug a behemoth of a stroller to their fourth floor walkup on the regular).

City strollers are absolute workhorses, so choosing the right one absolutely deserves some extra consideration.

The Best City Strollers: A Quick Glance

Like any baby gear item, the very best city stroller is always one that’s safe for the baby, used correctly, and fits within your budget. Beyond that though, there are plenty of bells and whistles to consider so that you choose the stroller with the features that best meet your needs.

Researching and comparing strollers can be a daunting task (there are so many options!), so we’ve rounded up some of the best city strollers on the market to take a look at:

  • Orbit Baby G5 Stroller
  • Doona+ Car Seat and Stroller
  • Zoe Tourᵛ²
  • Joovy Qool
  • Bugaboo Donkey 5
  • Cybex Priam
  • Thule Urban Glide 3
  • BOB Wayfinder Jogging Stroller
  • UppaBaby Vista V2
  • Baby Jogger City Sights

Best Stroller For City Living Overall: Orbit Baby G5

When it comes to choosing the ideal stroller for an urban environment, it’s tough to beat the Orbit Baby G5. Its unique design offers 360 degree rotation, ensuring the perfect seating position for your little one, while the premium suspension system and no-pump tires offer a seamless ride over any terrain.

You’ll love the roomy storage compartment for stashing bags during errands, while its compact folded design means it takes up minimal space in your home.

Many of the other strollers on this list are only ideal when your baby is small or after they’re already sitting up, unless you purchase additional attachments. But the G5 comes equipped to accommodate your child from 5 lbs all the way up to 50 lbs.

Best City Stroller For Rideshares - The Doona

As a combined car seat and stroller in one, the Doona can make transitioning between pedestrian and car travel more simple. It also streamlines the amount of “stuff” you’re taking with you every time you leave your home, which is a boon for new parents.

The Doona downside? There’s no storage basket, the handlebar isn’t adjustable and its suspension isn’t really designed for navigating bumpy sidewalks or high curbs well. Babies also tend to outgrow the Doona more quickly because of its lower weight limit, so it’s a good fit for a smaller window of time.

Best City Stroller For A Walk Up Or Tight Storage - The Zoe Tourᵛ²

At just over 13 lbs, the Zoe Tourᵛ² is the lightest stroller on our list by a significant margin. It can be opened or closed with just one hand and folds down to just be 8 inches in diameter, making it a great choice if you need your stroller to be highly portable and easily stored.

Worth noting, the Zoe Tour is only intended for babies three months and older, so it’s not a good fit for the newborn stage. Its storage capacity is also a bit smaller than some other competitors.

Best City Stroller For A Grocery Run - The Joovy Qool

The Joovy Qool’s roomy storage basket make it a great errand running companion. It even has a separate “parent companion” compartment for storing your phone, keys, and anything else you need readily accessible.

One thing to keep in mind: when sold as-is, the Joovy Qool only works for babies six months and older. You have to purchase separate stroller attachments for younger infants.

Best City Stroller For A Big Budget - The Bugaboo Donkey 5

If your budget has extra room, it’s hard to do better than the Bugaboo Donkey 5. Its maneuverability is excellent, it comes with tons of storage (with additional add–ons for even more storage), and it can easily convert into a double stroller or even a triple stroller.

The Bugaboo sticker shock is real, though—at nearly $1,500, it’s the most expensive stroller on our list. 

Best City Stroller For The “I Want To Design It” Buyer - The Cybex Priam

If you want to handpick every part of your stroller, from the stroller frame color to the seat configuration, the Cybex Priam is a good choice. You’ll walk through a multi-step process to build a stroller that suits your needs exactly.

Of course, all those choices and features come at a cost—and since the Cybex Priam base model is only good for babies six months and older, you could end up building a stroller that well exceeds your original budget when all is said and done.

Best City Stroller For Hilly Terrain - The Thule Urban Glide 3

If your city is on the hilly side then the Thule Urban Glide 3 could be a good stroller for you. It’s excellent suspension system provides a smooth ride and it handles very well in tight spaces or crowds. Plus, the storage compartment underneath is roomy and even comes with a zippered top. 

Like several other strollers on the list though, it’s only intended for babies over 6 months without an additional bassinet or infant seat attachment that’s sold separately.

Best City Stroller For Doubling As A Jogging Stroller - The BOB Wayfinder

If you’re equal parts city slicker and off-road jogging enthusiast, the BOB Wayfinder might check your boxes. Its front wheel pivots for smooth navigation in the city and then easily locks into place for an equally smooth run. There’s also a handbrake for downhill safety.

Like many jogging strollers though, it’s heavy (30+ lbs) and has limited cargo capacity so it really is best suited for the dual demands of city strolls and trail runs.

Best City Stroller For Adaptations + Add-Ons - The UppaBaby Vista V2

If you plan on having several children, a highly adaptable city stroller like the UppaBaby Vista V2 could be your best bet. Like the Orbit Baby G5, the Vista V2 easily adapts to a double stroller and also has accessories that can accommodate up to three children. It also has excellent storage capacity.

On the downside, you need to choose either a bassinet or a toddler seat on your initial configuration, which means you need an additional accessory.

Best City Stroller For Working With Any Car Seat - The Baby Jogger City Sights

For many urban parents, the stroller is their main mode of transportation. But if you’ll also be traveling by car a fair amount, you’ll want a stroller that can work with your car seat as a travel system when necessary. Most strollers and car seats within the same brand can be used this way. However, the Baby Jogger City Sights is a bit unique in that it can work with a number of car seat brands: Baby Jogger, Britax, Chicco, Clek, Cybex, Graco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Peg Perego, and UPPAbaby infant car seats can all connect to the City Sights stroller with the appropriate attachment.

How To Choose a Stroller For City Living

Choosing the right stroller to navigate an urban environment means you need to address some very specific needs and concerns. You’ll need to consider maneuverability through narrow doorways/stores and over uneven sidewalks. How much the stroller weighs and how much space it takes up when folded matters if you’re living in a walkup or an apartment with limited space. You’ll also want to consider storage, comfort, and adaptability.

City Strollers Need Maneuverability

City terrain can vary widely, and you’ll need a stroller that can handle the transitions between sidewalks, streets, and inside spaces smoothly. You’ll also want to consider how easily a stroller can move through crowds or in tight indoor spaces.

City Strollers Need To Be Easily Stored

For most urban living spaces, space is at an absolute premium. No one wants a bulky, difficult-to-close stroller dominating their living space, so think about where you’ll want to store the stroller and how much space you’ll need.

City Strollers Need To Be Comfortable

With walking being the primary mode of transportation in most urban areas, your little one will log a lot of time in a stroller. As a result, comfort is king—consider how the seat will recline and how well it protects from the sun and other weather elements. If you’ll have multiple adults utilizing the stroller, you’ll also want to take their comfort into consideration—handlebars with adjustable heights can be a real gamechanger, especially if you're looking into a stroller for tall parents.

City Strollers Need To Have Plenty Of Storage

From running errands to grocery shopping, your stroller is likely to be a constant companion and you’ll want to make sure it has the storage you need. Consider the size and placement of the storage areas, as well as their weight capacity and make sure it matches what you might need.

City Strollers Need To Be Adaptable

An excellent stroller can be an investment, so its ability to grow with your family can become paramount. Can you easily turn a single stroller into a double for a sibling? Is there an attachment you can add (like Orbit Baby’s sidekick stroller skateboard) for when children are older?


For city dwellers, the right stroller can be one of the most important baby gear decisions. Choosing the best stroller to suit your lifestyle and needs takes some very specific factors into consideration. From maneuverability and comfort to how easily the stroller can be folded and stored, the best city stroller for you will make getting around town a breeze.