Halloween Stroller Costumes 2022

Halloween Stroller Costumes 2022

Some brands look forward to the holiday season...but us? Well we get giddy about HALLOWEEN! I mean, what's cuter than dressing up your babies in cute costumes? We'll wait..............

Every year, we put our heads together to come up with costumes that include our stroller, because as parents to little kids ourselves, we know how helpful it is to push a stroller around while trick-or-treating. This year, we specifically wanted to include costumes for grown-ups that coordinate so you can stroll and treat as a family unit.

You can check out our costumes from previous years here and scroll down to see what we came up with for you this year. If you use any of these ideas for inspiration, or even if you come up with your own, we'd love for you to tag us at @orbitbaby so we can see!

Baby Shark and Lifeguard

Amazon was a great resource for this costume. Here's the link to the shark costume, and here is the link to the lifeguard costume. Our blue stroller canopy was a cute addition to make it look like your baby shark is in the water! 

Skeleton Family 

Skeleton onesies are all you need for this creepy costume. For a little extra flair, find glow in the dark onesies! This skeleton puppy rounded out the costume.


This is a really sweet idea for a family or just a parent/child costume! If you're keen on fishing, grab your gear and pair it with our Beige canopy and this adorable bib/teether combo.


Flower Family

Get groovy this Halloween with this fun flower power family costume. We decorated our Mint Canopy with daisy patches so our stroller could be a part of the costume. The [almost] matching pants and shirt combo on mom and dad is from Amazon, as well as the daisy outfit on their little one.