Meet Jordan Sanford

Meet Jordan Sanford

Jordan Sanford knows what it takes to create successful social content. He's managed to turn his knowledge of cars into a business that most aspiring content creators would probably be jealous of: testing out and creating content for luxury cars! An Orbit Brand Ambassador once told us in an interview that it’s not hard to talk about something you love and the sentiment rings true for Jordan. But now he has something else he loves in his life: a son! Read on to see how Jordan started his business and balances work and fatherhood.

Hi Jordan, tell us what you do.
I am a social media manager for luxury automotive dealerships while also being a luxury car reviewer / influencer on social media.

Wow, dream job! How did you get to where you are professionally?
I started working for Porsche North Olmsted, my first every client, as their social media manager and content creator. Soon after I was running Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge & Ram. I was able to create unique content for these brands that garnered a lot of attention for them. I then created my own social media pages and now have grown to over 1.2M followers.

How has becoming a father changed your work?
Being a father changed my work in a few ways. First by teaching me time management. Even though I work for myself, I now don’t have the flexibility in my schedule to be places at a moment's notice. Second, putting my family into my videos gives me a unique approach to car reviews that sets me apart from everyone else.

What’s the best part about being a Dad?
The best part about being a dad is the little moments throughout the day that I notice when I’m with him. The funny facial expressions, the belly laughs, the new things he’s learning… Those are the best.

Tell us why you love Orbit Baby?
Orbit Baby is a game changer in my life. Two things I love most are going on a walk with Luca and being able to rotate the car seat out of the sun and also how easy it is to remove from the car! I get asked what my stroller is almost every time I go to the store. Not to mention it came with two sets of wheels! 😱

You demoed our Stroll + Ride System in a pretty cool car and so many people have commented on it! Can you tell us more about the car you featured?
The car in the video is a 2022 Rolls-Royce Cullinan in Tempest Grey. The car is worth $437,900 and has a shooting star headliner.


@jordantsanford #ad The ultimate in family luxury travel w/ @orbitbabyusa 🙌 The 360° rotation makes transitioning Luca so much easier. #OrbitBabyPartner #ad #luxurycars #dadsoftiktok #stroller ♬ Life Goes On - Oliver Tree

What’s your favorite car you’ve ever demoed and why?
This might be the hardest question for me. I love all the cars I’ve been able to drive, review and photograph. However, I do love the 1,000HP Ferrari SF90 Stradle that Cleveland Browns DE, Myles Garret, let me get my hands on.

If Orbit Baby was a model of car, what would it be?
I love this question! I think Orbit Baby would be a Bentley. Classy, elegant, luxurious, user friendly, and everyone turns their head.