A Stylish and Functional Celebrity Stroller

A Stylish and Functional Celebrity Stroller

Let’s be honest—when it comes to transporting babies (and all their gear), looking chic and elegant while doing so isn’t often a consideration. We want safety, we want it to be easy to use, and we want durability … and machine washable wouldn’t hurt either. 

But what if you could have all that AND look stylish at the same time?  

[Orbit Baby enters the chat.]  

Orbit Baby products effortlessly marries safety and functionality with style and luxury, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen have noticed. It’s our commitment to excellence in every product we offer that makes us the top choice in strollers and car seats by celebrities.  

What Makes Orbit Baby Stand Out? 

With 12 patents, luxury fabrics, superb build quality, and exceptional service, Orbit Baby offers a high-end product that is stylish and customizable without sacrificing safety or functionality. 

Our unique G5 stroller features a rotating base offering multiple position options and Orbit Baby products come with a host of accessories (the paparazzi shield is a celebrity favorite!) you won’t find anywhere else.  

We also understand that needs can change over time, so adaptability is a key component of every product. Parents of twins like Beyonce will love the Helix attachment that easily converts a single stroller into a double, while parents of siblings with an age gap will appreciate a good stroller with a skateboard attachment like our Sidekick Stroller Skateboard. 

What Makes Orbit Baby the Celebrity Choice? 

Orbit Baby’s commitment to excellence in both our products and service makes us the celebrity choice for strollers and travel systems. Our approach marries luxury and high-end style with functionality and safety for premium products that are unmatched. 

Which Celebrities Are Orbit Baby Fans? 

Beyonce might be the (un)official founder of Orbit Baby OG fan club; she’s been using our stroller since she welcomed her daughter Blue Ivy to the world back in 2012. 

If Queen Bey is the fan club president, then Chrissy Teigen would be her VP—she first used an Orbit Baby stroller when her daughter, Luna, was born in 2016. 

Kim Kardashian and her sister, Kourtney, are also both Orbit Baby stroller owners.  

Celebrity Dads Love Orbit Baby, Too! 

Celebrity moms aren’t the only ones loving our products’ commitment to prioritizing function and style in equal measure. Famous dads Justin Timberlake, Jack Black, and Tobey Maguire have also been spotted out and about pushing their progeny in Orbit Baby strollers. 

john legend pushing orbit baby stroller, jay-z pushing orbit baby stroller, usher pushing orbit baby stroller

What Influencers Have Used Orbit Baby? 

Orbit Baby’s fan club isn’t just limited to Hollywood. Bloggers and influencers like Home of the Harveys and Mom Crush Monday also love the high-end style and premium safety features of Orbit Baby’s stroller and travel systems 

Premium Materials + Patented Design 

Every Orbit Baby product incorporates premium materials, superb build quality, elegant design, and our unparalleled safety and customer service experience.  

Orbit Baby also includes patented elements you won’t find elsewhere, like our car seat paparazzi shield that help make us a top choice for celebrities. 

High Touch Concierge Service 

Orbit Baby’s concierge-style customer service sets us apart from the competition and provides every customer with A-list level attention and support.  

Free access to our in-house CPST and personal video demos ensure no question goes unanswered, while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality celebrities expect. 

woman holding camera showing off a car seat for live shopping

Style Without Sacrificing Safety 

Above all, at Orbit Baby we are committed to safety. We understand the trust that parents place in us when they choose Orbit Baby strollers and car seats, and it’s a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. All of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that our quality, safety, and durability exceeds industry standards.  

We invest in our technology, materials and staff to guarantee every customer’s family the ultimate level of protection—celebrity or not. 

Premium Customization for a Stroller with Style 

The promise of safety and functionality come wrapped in high-end style at Orbit Baby. Our premium fabrics, fashionable color choices, and sleek, user-friendly design options mean every product is customized, ensuring a personalized end-result that matches your personal aesthetic. 

Join celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen and choose your own frame, fabric, and canopy color to custom-build a high-end stroller that reflects your unique style. 

​​Orbit Baby – The #1 Celebrity Stroller 

For a stylish stroller with high-end features loved by celebrities and influencers alike, Orbit Baby can’t be beat. Premium design and premium service combine for the ultimate luxury in navigating from point A to point B with baby in tow.  

After all, frequently new-mom life can be a little, shall we say, devoid of elegance? And it can be a real mood-booster to reclaim a bit of style for yourself, especially when it comes with minimal effort.  

So spritz a little dry shampoo into that day three (fine, day five) bun, slide on your favorite pair of shades, and find out for yourself what celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Beyonce already know. You can stroll in luxury without sacrificing functionality with Orbit Baby.